Improving competitiveness and maintaining control of risk
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Structured finance to support investment projects
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Credit enhancement for investment programs in the foreign markets

An extended network and widespread presence in foreign markets

Relocate production to increase profitability

Alternative ways of finalizing transactions

Cutting-edge technologies for treating any kind of waste

Complete solutions to a problem of great environmental impact

Investing in energy production from renewable sources

Green energy
Investing in energy production from renewable sources

Without energy there is no growth or development, in both industrial and social sectors.

The importance of rationalizing the production of energy, through promoting the development of alternative sources with low environmental impact, has become an imperative for any Country, and it is supported by substantial incentives from international and EU legislation.

The production of energy from renewable sources, has therefore become a profitable business that attracts investment and stimulates the development of innovative solutions to improve results and explore new technologies. Significant examples are:

• Solar and photovoltaic panels
• Wind turbines
• Biomass energy production
• Mini and micro-hydroelectric power plants

CIS ESTERO offers commercial and financial advice to all the players involved in this field, selecting projects to be proposed to qualified investors, choosing the best supplier for the single case and seeking alternative funding sources for the initiatives to be realized.

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