Improving competitiveness and maintaining control of risk
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Structured finance to support investment projects
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Credit enhancement for investment programs in the foreign markets

An extended network and widespread presence in foreign markets

Relocate production to increase profitability

Alternative ways of finalizing transactions

Cutting-edge technologies for treating any kind of waste

Complete solutions to a problem of great environmental impact

Investing in energy production from renewable sources

Promotion of import-export and assistance for the internationalization of the companies

The business opportunity does not always comes by itself: you often have to go and make a proper promotional activity, both in Italy and abroad, by selecting the opportunities and potential projects that are on the market.

CIS Estero relies on an extensive network of partners, helpful to maintain a constant presence in several geographical areas, collecting local enquiries and stimulating opportunities that can lead to sales opportunities for Italian companies.

The map of our presence in foreign Countries is quite variable, because we try to catch the different opportunities that come to our attention, often going to investigate on the spot and setting up partnerships with local counterparts.

In these Countries we can also offer a qualified consultancy for companies who wish to relocate their production facilities abroad, or to establish a joint venture, selecting the potential partners and assisting them in carrying out the necessary legal and bureaucratic practices:

• Representation for the sale of machinery and equipment
• Representation for the purchase of products and/or raw materials
• Research and selection of investment opportunities
• Assistance in setting up joint ventures
• Assistance in developing programs to relocate production

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