Improving competitiveness and maintaining control of risk
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Structured finance to support investment projects
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Credit enhancement for investment programs in the foreign markets

An extended network and widespread presence in foreign markets

Relocate production to increase profitability

Alternative ways of finalizing transactions

Cutting-edge technologies for treating any kind of waste

Complete solutions to a problem of great environmental impact

Investing in energy production from renewable sources

Waste treatment and energy production from renewable sources

The need to protect the environment against the emission of pollutants, has become an increasingly important value, and an essential component of any Country’s policy for social and economic development.

In addition, the recent years are experiencing a worldwide increasing interest towards the production and consumption of energy from renewable sources, thus limiting the use of highly polluting fossil fuels

We closely follow any development in these areas, collaborating with several leading companies in manufacturing of equipment for the treatment of wastes, as well as in the design and construction of plants for
the production of "green" energy.

In the recent years, we have supplied to our foreign customers two plants for the reconstruction of the car and truck tires, and a plant for the granulation of exhausted tires, plus several small plants for reconstruction and regeneration of laser-inkjet printer cartridges. Some of the technologies we can propose:

• Systems for reconstruction of car and truck tires
• Plants for the granulation of exhausted tires
• Shredding equipment  for metals, plastics, cars, bulky waste
• Processing of waste electronic equipment (WEEE)
• Treatment plants for Municipal Solid Wastes
• Production of heat and power from MSW
• Systems for the conversion of plastic or old tires into fuel and energy
• Design and installation of photovoltaic systems
• Installations for the production of bio-diesel from oil seed and waste oil


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