Improving competitiveness and maintaining control of risk
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Structured finance to support investment projects
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Credit enhancement for investment programs in the foreign markets

An extended network and widespread presence in foreign markets

Relocate production to increase profitability

Alternative ways of finalizing transactions

Cutting-edge technologies for treating any kind of waste

Complete solutions to a problem of great environmental impact

Investing in energy production from renewable sources

Joint Ventures
Relocate production to increase profitability

Many developing Countries, in order to stimulate the inflow of foreign capital and the entry of modern technologies, have passed legislation to provide various subsidies to foreign companies who want to invest in manufacturing activities.

The benefits for companies who wish to join such national programs are several: a significantly lower labor costs compared to those in Europe, tax reductions or exemptions for a number of years, the opportunity to penetrate new markets of consumers, geographically distant from Europe.

CIS ESTERO has the expertise to assist companies in choosing the Country or the kind of investment, and in obtaining the necessary insurance coverage against the risks these operations may entail. Besides, in some Countries (Serbia, Moldova, Democratic People's Republic of Korea), CIS ESTERO can give its advice for the choice of local partners and carry out procedures in compliance with local laws.

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