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Structured finance to support investment projects
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Credit enhancement for investment programs in the foreign markets

An extended network and widespread presence in foreign markets

Relocate production to increase profitability

Alternative ways of finalizing transactions

Cutting-edge technologies for treating any kind of waste

Complete solutions to a problem of great environmental impact

Investing in energy production from renewable sources

Financial Tools for Business
Credit enhancement for investment programs in the foreign markets

In addition to financial products linked to individual export transactions, it is possible to arrange a set of additional tools to assist companies operating in the foreign markets or who want to start a program of internationalization.

These tools leverage the financial guarantees that SACE may grant to exporters in order to facilitate access to bank credit, and allow for consolidation and expansion of business in the foreign markets.

The financial guarantee is given to a company which decide to invest in support of its internationalization program, through guaranteeing the loans made by their banks to support investments abroad. It may also cover the capital funding requested by the company to its bank, for the preparation of supplies to be exported or for the execution of works abroad.

The guarantee for internationalization has been designed to support companies in their development programs and promotion initiatives in the foreign markets, such as attending to an exhibition, opening an office abroad, and so on.

All the above instruments are directed at increasing the market penetration of exporters, and making them more competitive in the process of internationalization. Thanks to the financial guarantees granted by SACE, access to credit for the exporters becomes easier and less expensive, because it’s no longer based on their own rating but on the SACE’s one. In addition, exporters have more available resources, to be channeled for investments in the growth of their business.


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